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I'm not much of a writer but I do have really weird dreams. I didn't want them to be lost in the ether like most dreams out there so I decided to put them down somewhere. You may also find the occasional thought that I deem worthy of putting up somewhere so it doesn't get lost in the aforementioned ether.

Monday, March 22, 2010

{Dream} Trains, Time, & 3rd World Countries.

Some friends, Flora and I are taking a train from Toronto to Vermont. When we get there, one of our friends convinces us to stay on the train and see where it takes us like an adventure. 299 (fairly quick) hours later, we were forced off the train at Rwanda. We're lost and confused but someone at the station lets us stay with them and their wife.

It's a raggedy home that's laid out in the Japanese style with sliding doors and the beds on the floor. To you gamers out there, it looked remarkably like a dingy version of the master bedrooms of Cloud Ruler Temple in Oblivion. The host feels a bit dodgy to us and his wife seems constantly worried. We know we have to leave but we need his help. We play it cool and get him to help us get back to the station.

We get on the train and feel a weight lifting off our shoulders like we've just made it out of a deadly situation. 294 (fairly quick) hours later, we were back at Rwanda and we saw the sketchy host standing at the station smiling. That's when we knew that we were stuck. *woke up*

I took a train from Canada to Rwanda and my dream thought it best to skip the whole trip. Guess there's nothing interesting between the places.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Dream} Friends & Werewolves

We're having a big overnight gathering of friends at a chalet somewhere in Dubai. Saif, Hasooni, Furat, Daoud, Rahal and several others go into the house. It feels like a chalet outing but it's in a suburban looking neighborhood. All the houses on the street look the same and they all have the same grassy front lawn.

Tonight's a full moon and Rahal & I are werewolves. The others don't know so we sneak out when they don't notice and set up the chains we brought with us. We chain ourselves to the front lawn for the night. We both start to turn but we do so quietly. My view from here on out is a 3rd person perspective of what's going on. It was like watching people getting silently tortured as we both turned. Rahal's what you would assume a werewolf looks like whereas I seem to look more like a wererat of sorts. We kept quiet through it but I noticed that Rahal's chains were getting weaker.

I see a cat run between Rahal & and I instantly know that I have to get out of these chains in order to keep Rahal from charging after the cat. We break out of our chains at almost the same time but, before I get a change to stand up, Rahal's already running on all fours after it. The cat runs up the wall of our chalet house and Rahal runs right up with it. I yell at Rahal to get down before our friends see us or before he hurts someone. * woke up *

Great, I finally get a werewolf dream and it's about me babysitting a werewolf whilst I'm just a wererat.

{Dream} Super Hulk

I'm the hulk. One of many in this world. It's a skill set; some people can sneak around and disarm bombs, other people can be the hulk when they choose. I'm the hulk.

I'm on a mission with my partner (a black haired lady whose face I don't remember) and we're trying to get to a children's hospital or school or orphanage for the disabled or something like that. The mission is to disarm a bomb that was put there by the evil people.

I'm part way in the mission when the dream starts and I know this because I'm currently turned into the hulk and in an underwater fight with another hulk.

We're battling underwater but it doesn't seem to be slowing us down cause we're really going at it. Exchanging blows back and forth at top speed. I hear, over my earpiece, that I have to hurry up because my partner is having a hard time getting to the bomb. I knew we didn't have much time so I had to get out of this battle and get to the hospital quick. I also knew that, because we we're both green hulks, that we we're evenly matched in speed.

So I gave away part of my power off to the enemy hulk. I turned into a thinner hulk that was closer to a blueish gray. The enemy hulk grew immensely into a much bigger Purple Hulk. I swam out of the water and ran to the building and ran up the stairs to the top floor because I knew that's where the enemy boss was hiding out and he would probably be able to tell me where the bomb was. Also I wanted to kick the boss' ass.

I get to the top floor of a neighboring room and I know what wall I have to run through to get to the boss. As I charge the wall I realize that the boss probably has his room shielded to avoid this sort of thing. I smash into the wall but not through it. I realize that I'm not as strong because I gave part of it off to the other guy. Then I realize that he's probably on my tail so I decide to jump through the floor and go into the boss room from underneath.

I start jumping as hard as I can on the floor but it's only cracking without actually breaking or letting me through. I hear the super hulk running up the stairs and growling like he's gonna rip me to shreds and I start to panic and jump faster but not as strong. The purple hulk gets to the top floor and looks like he's too big for the stairs. He sees me and I quickly look around for an exit. I see the wall of windows and run towards them to jump out. He quickly gets to me before I get to the windows and grabs me by the neck but I turn it around and use our momentum to grab him by the arm and spin him around me once before chucking him out of the window.

The elevator door opens and it's my partner and she's trying to do the same thing I did. I dig my fingers into the crack in the floor I made by jumping and pull up the ground like a lid. My partner jumps through and I follow her. I notice that the boss was out of his shielded room because he's in the next room. It didn't have a wall this time, it just had a window and my partner runs right through it and grabs the boss who's wearing a suit and has a pony tail. She beats the location of the bomb out of him and quickly runs out to disarm it.

As she's running out I see the boss taking out a gun to shoot her. I pounce forward and grab the boss and smash him on the ceiling then back on the floor. My partner gets back and tells me that the mission is complete. I re-grab to battered body of the boss and chuck him across the room. *woke up*

Hulk battles should be mandatory for all dreams.

Monday, March 8, 2010

{Dream} Banshee/Vampires

I'm walking a path in a foggy forest at night. Got a gun in my hands, but I only have two bullets left. I'm tense and frightened because I know what's out there. 

Banshee/Vampires is what I'm afraid of. They look like little girls and I know they're out here in this forest with me. I also know that they appear in numbers that are equal to the ammo you have left. So I expect 2 of them to show up. It takes only one shot to the head to kill them but they move very fast and scream very loud.

There's a different kind of fear in me as well. The kind of fear where you know you're doomed, where you know you're not gonna make it out of this alive. Were I a better writer I'd say something more poetic like "the smell of death was in the air" but, alas, that's already been done and I can't think of anything original right now.

I look off to the right and see two kids a little off in the distance. A boy with jet black bowl cut hair wearing red. The other's a girl with pig-tails in a blue & white dress. I know that they're just there to distract me or make me fire my two shots. I know it's not the banshees because they tend to look more like the girl from “The Ring”.

I ignore the two and immediately see the banshees in front of me in the distance. They're on either side of the path I'm on. There was a moment of stillness all around where, it seemed like, even the foggy forest was holding its breath. My hands are shaking and I notice myself breathing heavily. They scream & charge towards me; I take two wild shots out of fear but notice that they're still coming. *woke up*